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As a Black person it annoys me that almost no attention is given to the Middle East slave trade, which by most estimates enslaved and killed even more Africans than the Atlantic slave trade. The best non-ideological estimates say 19 million Africans died in the Middle-East slave trade. (Just like in the Atlantic slave trade, during the Middle East slave trade for every one person who became a slave many more died in the capture and transport process) In today’s population numbers 19 million is the equivalent of 360 million people dying, making it one of the worst events in human history.
The reason people mostly ignore the Middle-East slave trade is because it was perpetrated by Muslims, and some people are uncomfortable criticizing Muslims.
The Middle Eastern Slave trade predated the Atlantic Slave trade, and continued long after the Atlantic slave trade had been abolished. (And the Middle Eastern slave trade was only abolished by outside pressure, not from within) In fact, in the countries of Sudan and Mauritania enslavement of Black Africans by Arab Muslims continues to this day.
In my experience Muslims either don’t talk about slavery in Islam at all or try to whitewash it by saying slaves are theoretically supposed to be treated better in Islam, but the truth is Islamic slavery was often just as brutal as European/Americas slavery, and as I mentioned it ended up killing even more people than slavery in Europe/Americas.
Slavery is embedded in Islamic law and history. In fact, the Prophet Mohammed himself was a slave trader and slave owner, who owned dozens of slaves including female sex slaves. The Koran also institutionalizes and allows slavery in several verses (Koran 33:50, 4:24, 16:75, 23:5-6, 8:69, 24:32)
I understand that these days most Muslims don’t support slavery, but the silence and whitewashing of slavery in Islam really annoys me, especially since some slavery is still going on in some Muslim countries. 
TL;DR: It’s wrong the Islamic Slave Trade gets almost no attention, especially since it killed even more Africans than the equally-evil Atlantic trade. Muslims need to admit the role slavery has played in the Islamic religion and their history, and should fight the slavery that still exists in Muslim countries and stop ignoring/whitewashing it.
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